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The seniors’ voice for your health, wealth and good times is the largest and most-read age 50+ publication in Nevada. Our influence and impact as “Nevada’s Most Powerful Senior Media Resource” are wide-ranging and far reaching

Since 2003, we featured articles that directly affect seniors. From our political columns to financial tips, entertainment options, travel destinations, staying healthy and unique articles of the people and places that make the golden years the very best, we cover it all.

We are the only media company that produces professional entertainment shows and performers around the Las Vegas Valley. The Vegas Voice started the Vegas Voyagers and Vegas Vacationers Travel Club – the largest senior travel clubs in the state.

As for our dedication to our readers, The Vegas Voice investigated and exposed the corrupt guardianship system in Nevada. Our efforts led to the arrest and conviction of those abusing seniors to our reform legislation that has drawn praise and awards from local, state and national media organizations.

And more investigations are on-going. All to protect seniors.

We not only provide the latest information, but do so in a fun, entertaining, and enlightening fashion. And now you can not only read The Vegas Voice but watch it too.

The Vegas Voice is proud to bring our original programs to this website, our dedicated YouTube channel and the Golden Network TV.

Our Celebrity Corner will feature all the wonderful singers, comedians, and performers that make Las Vegas the entertainment capital of the world.

We’ll also have the latest information on our Scams, Schemes & Senior Safety segments on how to stay safe and avoid being a victim of those never-ending elder scams.

And in our People & Places shows, you’ll meet remarkable seniors who, in their own quiet way, contributed to society and made our world a better place to live.

From entertainment to information, The Vegas Voice has it all and it’s right here. Get ready to smile… and even learn a thing or two.

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