Bill Caserta

Bill Caserta was born in New York where he spent his childhood and adolescent years. After graduating Mount Saint Michael academy in 1971 he received an associate degree majoring in Cafeteria.

After marrying, he relocated to Duchess County in 1982 with his three daughters and resided there until 2005 when he retired to Henderson, Nevada.

Bill had a 30 year career as a driver with United Parcel Service starting in 1975. His first eight years were in the Bronx. He then transferred to the Yorktown Heights area for the rest of his career.

Bill is the consummate “people person” and his career at UPS was the perfect match for his outgoing personality. He knew everyone and everyone knew him. To this day, after being retired for 17+ years, he still remains in contact with many of the people he serviced.

In 2013 Bill met Dan Roberts, publisher and editor of The Vegas Voice while attending a Christmas party. These two Bronx boys hit it off immediately!

Bill initially volunteered his services to the publication and is now a featured columnist and on-air personality for his popular “Bill Blurbs” articles and video segments.

From volunteer, monthly delivery driver (along with Dan) to now Executive Director and Chief Director of our Vegas Voice TV programming, Bill has become an indispensable member of The Vegas Voice family.

And he’s happy to say that after all these years, he still maintains a healthy dysfunctional relationship with Dan and The Vegas Voice.

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