Evan Davis

Evan Davis is the Entertainment Editor of The Vegas Voice magazine. He writes a monthly article on local entertainment plus produces all their shows.

As a former musician, he started to help promote local entertainers in Vegas when he arrived in 2008. Having received so many requests to help promote local shows, he created a web site: www.EvanDavisJazz.com and put together a calendar of local entertainment. He also started producing show on the local scene until joining The Vegas Voice in 2016.

Evan has amassed an email list of thousands of names, all of which are interested in Las Vegas entertainment. Sending out two emails a week, a Monday edition and then a Weekend Edition on Thursday, he keeps everyone appraised of what’s going on at the local level. You will find flyers and links to his calendar as well as links for local show tickets.

Since joining The Vegas Voice, he has produced over 60 shows and has established himself as a supporter of local entertainers. He now has a video segment The Vegas Voice Celebrity Corner, bringing you a front row seat to behind-the-scenes interviews with celebrities and entertainers in Las Vegas. Those videos can be seen on The Vegas Voice YouTube channel as well as Evan Davis’ YouTube channel.

His latest endeavor is First Friday An Afternoon Affair a luncheon variety talk show that he will be hosting along with multi-talented Jonny Bird.

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