Women’s World

Hello! Welcome to the Vegas Voice Women’s Segment on Vegas Voice TV.  I am your host, Sandi Davis.

I write the Fashion Cents column for the magazine and was invited to host this segment, too. 

I will be sharing interviews, ideas and how-to ideas on what’s important for you today, and tomorrow.

We will be covering a variety of areas, including fashion, makeup and hair, cooking, exercise, relationships and other interests you may ask about.   

I want to hear from YOU about what YOU would like to see or to learn about. 

I will be welcoming the Vegas Voice women columnists, and others for interviews and discussions that will be an important and interesting part of the Vegas Voice TV.

Thank you for watching!

– I look forward to hearing from you; so please send us your ideas for subjects you would like to see. 

I am Sandi Davis – COME ON IN — and share your ideas.

Sandi Davis - Women's World Host

Sandi Davis

Women’s World Host

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