Rana Goodman

A Nevada resident since her family immigrated to the United States from the United Kingdom in 1953, being an advocate came naturally to Rana.

Be it attempts to save any of the dozens of animals brought home, or the many other social causes she found compelled to get on her “soap box” for; her father’s commonly hear phrase was: “Rana you cannot save the world” – to which she would always respond: “But I can try to save my corner of it.”

Nothing has changed over the years.

Rana Goodman served 6 years as a volunteer on the City of Henderson’s Senior Citizen’s Advisory Commission and was appointed to the Nevada Guardianship Commission by Chief Justice James Hardesty. Due to her never-ending “Don Quixote” dedication to her fellow seniors in guardianship reform, Rana was named “Senior of the Year” in 2016 and “Woman of the Year” by the Ms. Senior Nevada Organization.

She is also the Political and now “Any Content” editor of The Vegas Voice magazine. Rana’s in-depth investigation directly led to the reform of Nevada’s guardianship laws. Her articles have been nationally recognized and awarded for her guardianship and senior advocacy efforts. Additionally her efforts were recognized by her peers in receiving the Nevada Press Association “Freedom of the Press” award.

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