Ray Sarbacker

Ray Sarbacker

Since 2009, Ray Sarbacker, President, has provided the artistic talent and professionalism necessary to develop “The Vegas Voice” into Las Vegas’ largest senior magazine. 

In that time, “The Vegas Voice” has grown to be an honored and nationally respected senior publication, that’s both entertaining and informative.

The success of their diversity is the challenge that has been met by Sarbacker in every monthly issue for twelve years. In fact, he has received over  twenty-five national awards from NAMPA (North American Mature Publishers Association) for his creativity and design.                 

It was a chance meeting with publisher, Dan Roberts, at a networking breakfast that led Sarbacker to abandon his retirement in 2009. When Roberts learned of Sarbacker’s 40 successful years in advertising and design, he knew he had the right man to help him grow the senior publication.

Sarbacker was intrigued by the challenge of developing it into a national award-winning magazine. He was also inspired by the vision and goals that Roberts offered.

Together, they formed a dynamic duo that continues to grow and expand into other activities. They still promote their senior publication, “The Vegas Voice” – now stronger than ever — and the flagship for a host of other activities, including  live entertainment, informational podcasts, and radio and video segments via their Vegas Voice TV, YouTube Channel.

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